Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being Inked by Dan McDaid!

Dan McDaid is the amazing artist and co-creator of the new Image hit Jersey Gods. A book about a god who marries a lovely human on Earth. It's a seriously funny comic, written by Glen Brunswick. Now I've been hanging out at their boards for a little while and I go cruising through Dan's art blog. One day I tried getting my drawing itch back and started a sketch of one of their characters, Helius, but soon after gave up. I told Dan about it and he asked me to draw it but I denied. I didn't think I'd do any justice to the character. One night while going through Dan's blog I stumbled upon a very small sketch of my boy, Harvey Two-Face and brought it to his attention. He then told me that he'd draw me a Two-Face sketch if I drew that Helius pic. DAMMIT, DAN!!! But hey, there's NO WAY I'd pass up on a Harvey sketch so yes, he talked me into it. So I did my sketch of Helius and I had a ton of fun drawing it. I had it done for a while before the NYCC this year but wanted to surprise Dan and not tell him I had drew it. When the NYCC came I presented it to him and it was great to see his reaction. He asked me if he could ink it and I said sure. And below, there it is! And it looks amazing! His inking really brought my picture to life, and made it actually look good! Just plain wow, this has surely made my day. WOW, DAN! I'm not even sure I want to call this my own because he did such a beautiful job with this. Goodness gracious!

And here is his bad-ass Two-Face. This contributed to the NYCC this year being one of the most awesomest days I've had in my life.

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