Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh, The Horror! #26: Hack/Slah #20

A good buddy of mine is a huge Hack/Slash fan. All he does is praise the book and continues to try to get me to check out the book. At first something about it didn't seem to grab me. Eventually I decided, "Sure, I'll give it a try." What better time than the NYCC this year. I was actually starting to really look forward to the book as the more I started to hear about it, the more intriguing it seemed. And I was looking forward to meet the creator, Tim Seeley. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find Seeley and all my cash was gone. I actually felt bad and annoyed about it but anywho, once again my friend, Eric, got on me to check it out and wanted me to read #20 and review it.

So here's the review, Eric, for you to stop bugging me. ;)

Now I pretty much have no knowledge of this book except that it's a horror book that stars a hot female lead who reminds me of Megan Fox, hello hel-lo! Cassie Hack, the lead, goes to a police station for help only to get thrown behind bars after quite some counts against her. In the meantime there's some moments between her supporting cast who includes a deformed man by the name of Vlad, and a girl who's name I can't remember seeing in the issue but basically there's tension between them due to Vlad feeling unimportant now that Cassie seems to have become closer to her, even sexual-wise. There's also a scene with a guy and a demon-y looking creature named Pooch who adds to quite some funniness in the book.

The main story then returns to Cassie being transfered to prison. The drivers of the police fan gets killed and Cassie gets knocked out. She awakens, tied up and sees a bunch of naughty things around her that consists of dildos, porn mags, condoms, etc. She also sees a bunch of middle age folks who are dressed in weird costumes ready to stab her. Cassie is able to escape and beat the crap out of the cult members while still cuffed and even has a knife fight with one with her using one of the dildos. That got a good chuckle outta me.

So yeah... um... Hack/Slash #20. I was lost and had no idea what was going on or why, but I really really enjoyed it. The writing was enough to keep me interested and the art was very very crisp. The characters seemed to be great also. I would really like to read more and I'm sure my bud, Eric, is happy to hear that. So when I have a good bit of extra cash, Hack/Slash omnibus, here I come.

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