Thursday, May 7, 2009

Channelling Forth My Inner Brother Voodoo

Well, some of you know that I used to draw. Not as much as I used to but from time to time I'll still doodle. But I've never been really good at it. In art school I was always better doing stuff like sculpture, paper mache, all that kinda stuff. For a while I tried to get back into drawing because it's damn hard to find an artist when you're a writer, but that went nowhere.

A few nights ago I was rewatching The Serpent and the Rainbow with one of my best buds, Nadia, and for some reason that excited me. I thought of Brother Voodoo, an underrated Marvel character and a favorite of mine. I really want to write a buddy book with Voodoo and Blade. I can definitely see it working out. At the same time I REALLY want to see a horror Brother Voodoo book with someone like David Hine, or Phil Hester, or Mike Carey writing and someone like Leonardo Manco or Ashley Wood on art. Damn, just think of the craziness!

But yes, due to that excitement, I started drawing the character... then I did another... and another... and quite frankly I don't recall the last time I've been so excited about drawing so much. Man!

So below are the Brother Voodoos I've been churning out for the past few days now...

The next one has to be my favorite, thus far. Love the snakes. And if you look close enough, you'll notice a Batman voodoo doll. Ha!

Wanted to do one of the Bro sitting on a throne looking scary with a woman on his lap. I was at my local comic shop and was getting idea suggesting from some friends. It came down to Witchblade, Jean Grey, or a zombie. I decided for a zombie Jean. Drawing didn't come out how I wanted it to, may do another draft later on.

And lastly is some doodles I did in class yesterday in sound class. I keep trying to make Voodoo look scarier, but to not much avail or what I have in mind. These doodles seem to be pointing to the right path, hopefully. And I love the way the one on the bottom came out. May make it an actual drawing.

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