Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2: Mr. Terrific

For some reason, calling Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific III, a prodigy seems like an understatement.
At the young age of 6, Colt was already comfortably familiar with the works of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, and Aage Bohr. Holt also possesses 14 Ph.Ds, including Physics and Engineering with doctorates and masters in Mathematics, Law, Psychology, Political Science, and Chemistry. He also holds gold medals, being an Olympic Decathlete, and Black Belts in 6 different martial arts disciplines.


Michael Holt grew up taking care of his mentally challenged older brother, Jeffrey. At the age of 15, Jeffrey died, devastating Holt. He eventually married a woman named Paula, a day Holt considers his proudest moment. Tragedy struck when Paula was killed in a car accident along with their unborn child. Crushed, Holt contemplated suicide until he was visited by the Spirit of Divine Vengeance, The Spectre who told Holt of the life of Terry Sloan, the original Mr. Terrific. Inspired by the story of Terry Sloan and in memory of Paula and Jeffrey, Holt took up the mantle of Mr. Terrific and decided to use his anger and frustration positively.

Using his genius intellect, Mr. Terrific created “T-spheres” that responds to his mental and vocal commands, functioning as a computer, holographic projection, projective weapons including explosives, a means to allow him to fly along with many various other uses. Due to his T-Mask bonded on his face, he is invisible to all forms of electronic detection.

Though relatively new to the Justice Society of America, his natural leadership skills led to Terrific getting elected as the chairman of the team, which he lead until the members disbanded for a short while. He was then offered by Green Lantern Alan Scott to take part in rebuilding the agency Checkmate, becoming Bishop to Scott's White King and started a romance with Black Queen, Sasha Bordeaux. The relationship was complicated when Mr. Terrific became Checkmate’s new White King when Alan Scott was forced to resign.


Mr. Terrific's adventures can be found:

JSA vol. 3 #1-current
Checkmate #1-25
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