Friday, September 12, 2008

Disney Horror?

Okay, besides being a fan of horror, I am a big fan of Disney movies, but really the ones back in the days, like the 2D flicks. I extremely miss the 2D films Disney used to be famous for making. My favorites being Pocahontas, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Cinderella, and quite a few other numbers. I was surfing around and ended up stumbling on a video someone made of The Lion King but as a horror film. The person sliced Lion King 1 and 2 scenes to make in a horror trailer and it truly is funny.

Then I found a trailer some one made of Hunchback of Notre Dame, with The Omen trailer dialogue/music accompanying it. After that is another Hunchback video but with 300 music/dialogue in the background. It really is a funny thing to watch. The videos are below.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..terrible and cool !!

(( Disney's H B of N D got a bit of slack but it's one of their Darker fares as you know.

After getting to meet a small number of the animators when it first came out.. it really drove me to see it.

My professor was also involved with Disney at the time and even got to take his family to massive ' Topsy Turvey Day ' Stadium opening for the show Cali.

Sounded so amazing.

Remains one of my all time favourites even still to this day.

" Only a monster . " ))


Greg said...

I love Hunchback, mostly for it being so dark. Sadly, its a movie I've seen less often than the other Disney flicks. I really need to track it on DVD,

A movie that I felt Disney should have made is Phantom of the Opera. I would have loved to see how they'd make it.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..interesting idea.

Disney is such a love/hate thing anymore and given time i'd imagine they'd do a ' Phantom ' movie.

I'd rather see it go the 'hand drawn' style.

Disillusionment ( the ' D ' word ) with the whole f8cking company really set in the other year. CGI is a mixed blessing, but when they said that's all they were gonna do my heart did sink.

Luckily with Pixar came changes of mind and the decision to come back around so luckily while Pixar and Dis are gonna be spewing out more CGI .. hand drawn style animation is back on the table.

And silly as it sounds.. i'm actually looking forward to Princess and the Frog.

You seen Home on the Range yet ?!

..if you havn't .. you need to just see it just for the insanity and the animated Steve Buscemi.

..ok i'll quit hoddin' your blog time.


Greg said...

No, no, took, I'm enjoying your visits! Hod more! LOL.

nah, I've yet to see Home on the Range. I actually had to google it and see what it was. I do remember seeing the characters. I've never seen it on TV, hmm. I'll see if I can track it.

And yes, Phantom of the Opera SHOULD be done 2D. Although I've enjoyed most of all of their CGI stuff, I'm getting annoyed of them. It's like 2D animation films are a dead art for theater. And I'm totally looking forward for Princess and the Frog. I'll be seeing it in theaters and taking my sister. I've been trying to get her into the old 2D Disney stuff as she's never really seen them due to the output now all being CGI movies and it annoys me. Hopefully Frog Princess makes good money to justify Disney going back to the old classic 2D movies.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..think you hit the nail on the head.

Not that the CGI is bad .. as a medium. F8ck i'm biased about TMNT obviously.. but Madagascar Nemo ..great movies. In and out of Disney territory i think it's an excellent way to animate in general. F8ck even the clips of Imagi's Astroboy made me cry.

But it's like they totally .. ( anyone ..any company ) scrap traditional styles of animation [[ even so much of that is done on computers anyway and has been for years, maybe i use the term cel-based or cel-styled. What does C G I mean anymore anyway ?? ]] kill that you might as well shoot yourself in the foot.

In fact thinkin' the hybrid of C G I and Cel animation is some of the most powerful for me visually. f8ck Disney had been doing that since the early 80s ..but noone ever really talks about Hybrid animation.

It's one or the other.

But then again .. the most praised of Disney's films liek say Alladin or Beauty and the Beast, Mermaid.. all of these had hybrid animation.

Together CGI and Cel animation can co-exist. Fuck CGI can co exist with damm stop-motion animation and puppetry.

I dunno, i was never the best animator .. but i know how boring a world with just straight CGI film spewing out anymore. And not very much of it is attractive to me.

Know what i haven't even seen Cars or Incredibles.

I did see ' Meet the Robinsons ' but it was late at night at a 24 hour store on one of their display T Vs and i was shopping and well it was ok.

But still man.. so much U.S. 'animation' what is coming out i just don't care to see. I can't feel it .. or associate with much of it.

But i'm also a freek so. ;/


Greg said...

Heh, we're all freaks in a way. I've been called a freak by many people it's not even funny, LOL. But yes, like you, I don't see CGI (Computer Generated Images) as bad, either. Incredibles was... well... incredible. First Toy Story kicked butt, Finding Nemo was hilarious. TMNT was AMAZING! But please, just more 2D. It can exist, there just needs to be some output and have great solid stories. I was a little kid at the time, but I miss the Disney Renaissance.

And I'm actually enjoying the Stop-Motion movies more than CGI. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Wallace and Grommet, the up-coming Caroline.