Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, The Horror! #7: 30 Days of Night

So... 30 Days of Night... film based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles and the magnificent Ben Templesmith. Where it becomes night for 30 days in Alaska and vampires decide to take advantage. Sounds like a great idea for a movie, only downside is... well... it's a boring movie. Not just boring- it's boring as hell. I mean... what the heck happened? I've read how faithful the movie was to the book and most of the stuff that made the book such a blast to read are gone. In the book, the vampires had more personality and seemed a lot more... deadly and scary. It was just an absolute thrill ride. But the movie just dragged and dragged. I missed the aspect of the story where it was a plan by a certain vampire who wanted to impress the main baddie but ends up getting killed for his "stupidity" of the plan. There were also unnecessary changes such as the relationship between Eben and Stella. I preferred them as a loving couple than being separated. The changed served no purpose whatsoever.

Now, there were some stuff I did like about the movie. For one I loved the bird shot that went around town showing the vampires causing mayhem. Also loved Ben Foster. Ben Foster is a blast to watch in a lot of movies for me. Also, it was a lil' cool seeing most of the vampires looking as if they came from the comic themselves. Other than that, everything falls flat. Definitely not a movie I would watch again or even fall asleep on.


Andrenn said...

I disagree, I enjoyed 30 days of Night and found it to be an enjoyable film.

However, at the same time, that doesn't make it great. I for one didn't even like the first comic that much, compared to the sequels, at least.

I do agree on how it got boring at times. there where times that they where obviously trying to build suspense, but I was just falling asleep.

Greg said...

Hmm. Well to each their own. Maybe if they kept Ben Foster for a longer bit. Foster seems to make things work for me nowadays. Like Hostage! Hmm... sounds like another Oh, The Horror entry waiting to happen...