Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh, The Horror! # 5: Interview With the Vampire

Interview With the Vampire

Caught this on Showtime. I've always caught random parts of the film for years but have never had the pleasure of watching the whole movie in full in one sitting and my was it truly a pleasure. I love this movie. Anne Rice, the writer of the novel and screenplay for this movie, is truly a brilliant writer. She writes the tragedy of her characters beautifully and wonderfully. The emotions between the lead vampires are very pulling and many times you're disgusted by them but at other times intrigued, fascinated and behind them. The stuff these people do to each other is very entertaining to see. In a way, the ways the characters treated each other sort of reminded me of Strange Embrace. Great stuff.

Great shots also, and my goodness was the music fantastic! I just loved the fast paced violins during the intense scenes and Kristen Dunst as the "child" vampire was just highly disturbing. For such a young actress at that age, she was terrifying as she grew angry and more intense due to the fact that as decades passed she could never grow to become a woman. I also loved the sexual undertones between the vampires. Claudia (Dunst) was in love with her "father" Louis (Brad Pitt) but he saw her as a daughter. We have Lestat (Tom Cruise), the antagonist of the story who adores his life as a vampire, unlike Louis, and seems to make love with Louis the first time he bites him and turns him. The way they embrace each other is really quite intimate. And there are other scenes like this too, like the scene when Lestat and Louis feed on a woman together and it definitely showcases a type of sexual threesome. But for me, my favorite tension was probably from Armand (Antonio Bandaras) an vampiric actor who was the leader of a gang of vampires who also falls in love with Louis and carries something tragic to happen due to his love.

Effects were great. There's a scene when Lestat's throat gets cut open. When you see the life flow out his body and his skin turns gray and into a corpse, I just gave a nod for how great the effects for that scene was. And later when he comes back for his revenge, the make-up for his face is terrifying, especially right before you close in one him while he's playing the piano and the drapes are flowing until it finally reveals him. Great stuff. And the ending, no matter how many times I see it always gets a nice chuckle from me. Laughing

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