Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, The Horror! #8: Ab-Normal Beauty

Ab-Normal Beauty

Really bizarre film, and maybe a little un-balanced. In a way it works for it but at the same time doesn't evoke much feeling. Well... it really depends. This is another Asian horror film about an artist who doesn't like doing the typical flowers and trees in her art and is extremely fascinated by death. She carries a camera with her wherever she goes and takes snap shots of people who happen to die around her and of people killing animals, such as fish and chicken. There are some rather lovely shots and nice use of color in certain scenes and they all help establish a disturbing emotion to the lead. She is really frightening, especially around the people who care for her.

As her fascination for death grows, someone gets fascinated in her and begins to stalk her and begins to send her snuff films. The second part of the movie is what sort of throws you off because it seems to randomly appear out of nowhere, but I think it shows an interesting contrast with the twisted things people find beautiful until they're on the receiving end.

From the first part of the movie, I really thought the film would go a different route. I thought in her fascination of death, some supernatural element connected to death itself would become fascinated in her, etc. Especially after a specific scene where her mind plays tricks on her.

Watching this also gave me a few ideas, so good thing I watched it. Overall, not a great film, but some interesting things if you're into weird stuff like what I described above. There was a scene which was really well done where the lead mentally rape the boy who has a crush on her in order for her to create a piece of art. Weird, I know.

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