Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watchmen trailer

A buddy of mine, Rex, asked me to put it up, so why not? It's a comic book film and such a brilliant book. The trailer is darn amazing too, with an amazing track to go with it. It'd be crazy if this movie is as brilliant as the book.


michael said...

nice,G thanx,for the mention! :D

BrikHed said...

the song set such a great good - after seeing the trailer i had to pull out the trade and read it again

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Billy Corgan's crew on the soundtrack, i'm already there.



Greg said...

NP, Rex!

Yeah, the song really does, Brik. I had read my brother's copy of Watchmen. It's one of those books where people claim that you aren't a true comic fan if you haven't read that book yet.

Haha, tokka, you and your Billy love. I have his Adore album w/ the Pumpkins. I love that album. Which album is your fav and would recommend?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> mention one of perhaps, THE most darkest album of their discography. Everyone i've talked to relays that ::" O it's GOTH ..adadadada.. "

O bullsh7t that's such a beautiful album it's scary.

The more closed minded music critic will tell you to stick to anything pre- 1998 ( which is absolutly fine ).

But post 1999 ..even the most gut-wrenchingly powerful music can come off machina :: TRY TRY TRY still brings me to my knees.

The time Billy was in Denver 2 years prior to his '06 Return and 3 before the Pumpkins relaunch i got the extremely odd chance to meet and see him perform.

He pretty much stated a truth about them i never really realized or thought about, paraphrased ..

"Everyone has a place in their mind where they think the Pumpkins are and where they should be."

So some people are gonna like the stuff in pre- '98 ( M.C. & T.I.S. ) ..some will be stuck on GISH ect.

I figure it can work all ways too,

if you are willing to adapt yourself to the continual evolution of that goofy old band you may enjoy the entire discography each and very part of it individually as well as a whole.

So ..that's kinda where i am.

There's aspects of it all that i've enjoyed tremendously and continue to as they've moved forward thru' failures - triumphs.

i came to know them thru' Siamese Dream .. i fully fell in love via M.C. & T.I.S. ( cuz i am too lazy to type all that ).

Outside of the TMNT works, and other fan works .. my own personal work and characters are partly based on much of that music, especially what came out in 1996.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo - -


ADORE is special cuz it also has the sequel to the infamous ' 1979 ' PERFECT.

None of that was any help what so ever was it.



Greg said...

Ah no, tokka, that's totally understandable. I feel the same way about certain bands and musicians. For example, some people claim that Gwen Stefani's a sell out, but I can't help but enjoy her albums although I prefer No Doubt. To me her stuff has their place and it's good to have a different type of variety in the types of music her and ND produce. And I can't really pick a fav ND album and I sorta love that 'bout them because each album is different. I'm the same way with Bush and Rossdale. Depends on how I feel at the moment, what I'm going through, etc etc. So many other musicians I feel that way about, so it's totally understandable. I really hate when I read some people's opinions of a band and just can't stand to see them change or try something different. And there's some ppl with such bias against certain musicians that when they do change or try something different, the ppl claim that it's nothing new they're producing. wtf?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> no doubt ( pun intended ) .. if a band can't be experimental .. how can anyone expect them to evolve as artists.

I dunno.. ;/