Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rx Tales: Stories To Make You Feel Better Update!

Well, guess what!? yesterday George sent me the a few scans of the pages dear Kotsu penciled for my script In Loving Memory... and it looks amazing! I'm so damn excited it's not even funny. My mouth was just wide in excitement. And to think this great art is going to be my first published script! Sheesh! And the girl believes this was rush! What is wrong with you, dear Kotsu? LOL! And besides my collab with Kotsu, George informs me that the other stories have been coming along great, so great news all around.

Once again, a great big thanks to Kotsu and George!

But yes, below are a few preview pages.


BrikHed said...

Greg I am super excited for you on this one - is it going to be B&W or in color?

Greg said...

Hey, Brik! Yeah, man, this is dream coming true! Heh heh. I believe it's going to be colored. George showed me a page of the person who was suppose to be doing the colors of the book although I'm not too entirely sure to tell you the truth. Even if it isn't colored, it still looks great and am still excited! lol