Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sippin' Poet #2: I, Heart

These past few days I've spoken to two of my close friends, my brothers, and they have seem to lose faith in themselves and life in general. It pains me to see them like this I wrote this poem for them or anyone else who's just felt so down in the dumps.

I, Heart

Leaves fall into a black pit
Where there's light but lowly lit.
Beyond the feets underneath
Floats a heart, leaking and in need
Of some nourishment, some stitch
But first lift it up, inch-by-inch.

There will be a heart in your palm
Still beating and pumping
But ever so gently and calm.
What's the cause of death? Must be something.
Turn it around and you shall see
A knife in place, in so damn deep.
Releasing it's cancer for the heart to to breathe
And out releases the tar. Yes, it can be cleaned.

Wipe away that filth and clear your eyes
Let in some sunshine, let go of those lies.
Think of a hush and rest from the chase
Allow yourself to love yourself into an embrace.
Step away from the dark roots
Allow the light to take hold, consume.
Smile again, release the poison in hand
Bury that hurtful memory under the sand.

Slow yourself, my dear brother
Breathe in and exhale. Now try another.
Let's drink to a new heart, a new place
Find that new glory, give it a kiss.
Yes, it's time to finally drop those tears
And always know, my man, I'm here.
So go on, man, walk.
Walk to that pit and pick up your heart.

Because it's time and the time is now.

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