Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rx Tales: Stories To Make You Feel Better

As many of you know my big dream is to be a comic writer, and my cousin-in-law, George, has made my first step a reality! Mighty good thanks, George, you've no idea how much this means to me! See, George Hartman is married to a cousin of mine, Shirley, and every time there's a family gathering all we do is talk comics! One day he informed me of an anthology he was going to do and then asked me if I'd like to contribute! Imagine my excitement! Of course, you can guess my answer! The story, though, had to do with medical stuff. Anything from doctors, patients, nurses, hospitals, anything. That very same night I started scribbling down ideas for a story till I finally had one and finished it asap and am damn proud of the script. George helped me out a little, him being editor and it was for the best. But then came the hassle of finding an artist for the darn thing! It took forever but he finally came across Kotsu! (Click name for deviant page) She's a lovely artist from Virginia and I was excited when I saw her art work. I quickly went to add her to my myspace only to find that I already had her as a friend (what a coincidence, heh!) But yeah, we e-mailed a bit and she truly is a kool girl and I'm glad to be working with her.

Today George informed me that Kotsu's pages are finished but the lettering and just imagine my damn excitement! I can't freakin' wait to see the pages. I think Imma cry, haha! Thank you, George and Kotsu!


kotsu said...

i shall be sending the pages out tomar for you guys ^w^
so sorry i wasnt able to show you previews of the my work in progress as i went along...take care and talk to ya lata ^w^

~ tOkKa said...

-->> spit **

B T W ..went looking briefly for those CROW books.

I found the box where they were in, or where i thought they were in, and some were gone, i mean some of the books ( it was a mix of X-men , and Crow and other stuff.. ) Anyway no Crow books were there. I asked my my mom and she said they may have just been moved out into another box.

So i'll keep checking on this.


Greg said...

Awesome, tokka!

Also, tokka, do you have a blog where you post your art regularly that has a blog feed that way I'm updated? I tried adding a lot of your blogs but none had feeds except for the MacBeth one.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..The ' MACBETH ' one.

That's my one to follow.

It's gonna be my catch all blog so there may be times i post on there ya know just to vent. But like on my old one, yeh i'll share W I Ps and art and stuff.

I wanted a set-up where i could post with relative ease and confidence. My old personal blog was flawed and filled with design problems i just could no longer invest any more wasted energy in trying to get it to work, so i killed it. Well it's archived but not updated.

Mikey's old updates & my old Blog archive were recently close so there's really no need to follw them.

**Mikey's TMNT has the ATOM FEED option i think. Mike recently converted the site to WORDPRESS so that's why the old blog for the updates is closed.

terrible2z my own site was all manual, and i have never been able to get the f8ckin' feeds to work for it.

In time, i too would like to convert to WORDPRESS but in the meantime i'm much more familiar with blogger's code and will try to go ahead for now and convert my old t2z updates blog from the old manual blogger system to the f8cking blogspot software.

Whatever, all these changes will happen , but in time. If i try to cram it all and get it all done i'll be setting myself up for disaster. So i need to make these changes as i can make the time.

Yeh but in the mean time, i'm making " MACBETH " my main .. and possibly permanent blog.

Over all these many years i've spread myself too thin. Too many accounts, to many blogs i follow, DA, FA, flickr, myspace, FACEBOOKS,EVERY 3RD m.f.'n TMNT fan site out there.

I did this to myself.

SO will take awhile, but i am trying to make things allot less anxiety filled and hard on myself.

Internet ..for the most part should be convienent for the most part. Not like the nightmare it's been for me since 1999. That 'glut' of bad design and difficulty in things just like stressing over what should be simple uploads has also cut into my time i need for myself to create.

These changes are long over do ..and well, again that's where MACBETH comes in.

It's a play on a TMNT II reference.

Shredder was angry because the poisned Ooze that mutated Tokka and Rahzar had retarded their mutation and thus they were left child like. He thought they were useless and stupid.

Proff. Perry, the doc with the T.G.R.I. whom the FOOT kidnapped to help them stated ..

" What did you expect ..for them to come out quoting 'Macbeth ' ?? " .. it's all a big joke.

Tokka indeed is quoting MACBETH all over his damm blog.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Tested ** Mikey's..

i couldn't get the feed to work the other day for some reason but now it's working just fine so.

Gee, kinda silly for me to follow one of my own feeds.


Greg said...

Awesome, tokka, thanks a lot!

Also, I was looking through your main website and freakin' loving the art, dude! If I may ask, what's the regular process of you churning them?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> set process, i just work on the stuff all the time and each project get's done pending what i'm trying to convey.

Most work gets done here, but sometimes i go to the campus cuz i can get some studio space there that i don't have here.

I take the sketchbook with me most everywhere to and i chip away at that on the bus or in restaurants with friends even, or in breaks at work.

The digital pieces take a little longer. Kinda like a hybrid of the traditional work.

Paintings and sculpture take anywhere from a day to 4 weeks.

The next physical piece ..a mighty muggs Tokka custom took about 3 weeks. Haven't posted it cuz i'm waiting on a good camera to take the pix.

About a 6 foot Raph painting is slowly getting made.. and i have a charity painting i need to finish for a local AIDS organization. Some concept stuff i'm trying to slowly crack out too for some personal projects and for a pending piece for Ryan Brown.

So much goin' on.

Somehow i manage to fit in time to work on my own personal character..' The SPAZE CAZE ' ..

which is prolly the most personal project of all.

One thing i do need is allot of background noise.

sometimes it's just a DVD going in the background, or some 8-bit musics, Billy Corgan, or even classical.

So it's all kinda like the process is all over the map.